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Getting to the
Heart of the Matter ...

While the world remains deceived by a limited physical model of reality, ROBERT KIRBY suggests ways to lift the veil of illusion and live consciously according to a more spiritually united soul vision ...

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"What the world needs now is love sweet love", a beautiful song by Dionne Warwick, is more truthful now than the day she made it a hit recording. Most of us feel helpless to make a difference in a very troubled world, however we can make an immediate and powerful impact by returning to the core of our being.
The centre of a human being is the core or heart which is presently very "disconnected" throughout the world. The human heart has unlimited capacity to bring energy into it – to invoke the spirit of God to permeate our consciousness. This is a choice that can be made by thousands of people in the world who perceive and understand the "life energy."
Without an understanding of the life energy and consciousness, it is very difficult or impossible to "charge" the human heart with all the manifestations of love in the universe. This is the essence of the spiritual evolution for the human race.

The hatred, violence and wars throughout our world are generated by separation. A deep split exists within each person between their body; heart, head, and sexuality and their life energy/consciousness. They see a hopeless bleak world that separates all of humanity by race, culture, religion and material possessions or weapons of destruction. This separation within each person is projected onto others who are different! They blame one another for their personal agony and oppression of their human rights.
In addition the disconnection between their heart and their life energy keeps the world stuck in an objective reality – that blames outside forces for its circumstances. This projection of self-hatred has frightened everyone on this planet who is aware of the pending danger.
But what can you do? You must begin with yourself. This is our only hope! We must come together on a higher plane of truth, however, love, wisdom and humility must begin within your own heart!
How The World Is Deceived By A Limited Physical Model Of Reality

In our physical world reality is perceived as objective and fixed. The causes of problems are seen as coming from outside of oneself. The three dimensions of time, space and matter are perceived as the only reality. We describe the world we see as separate including people, places and things. Matter is solid, fixed and immobilised. This is the human ego's perception of reality. The mind and body are also separate and illnesses are diagnosed as psychological, or biochemical and treated accordingly. This limited view of reality is an illusion that has been proven by modern scientists as invalid.
Scientific Model of Reality

At the subatomic level the entire universe is made up of waves and particles. Everything is connected to everything else. Matter is composed of particles and not single solid objects. It's constantly in motion and insubstantial. Matter manifests in your reality as separate objects, space and people. This happens only because their fundamental substance waves and particles, enfold as a series of droplets with a different number of turns!
This has huge implications on a practical level to your everyday life. Since the universe is whole, belief in a separate world is an illusion that creates endless confusion.
Confronting the lack of substance in the universe and in our lives is our greatest source of creativity. It enables each person to take back their power and take responsibility for their entire life. It means everything that has ever happened to us we have created because we are the cause and the effect. It means that every conflict and violation is co-created. There is never a right or wrong person in all arguments or conflicts. Each of us is the victim and victimiser. If we attract violence or fraud it's because on a subconscious level we expect it. The entire universe is a perfect mathematical equation forever exposing the truth of all humanity's creations.
Note: Since we are connected to one another, our hatred of other cultures, races, religions, countries and individuals are a projection of self-hatred.
One country's desire to destroy another country mirrors back its own fear of violence, self-annihilation and separation from truth or God.
Knowing the underlying truth of the scientific make-up of the universe opens us to endless possibilities and the ability to truly change ourselves for the better. We can now choose to release resignation, all negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves and others simply by declaring a new reality.
Declaring A New Reality
Whatever has manifested in your life, good and bad, has come to you as an explicit order you gave to the "whole universe". Of course it was premanifest from an implicit order which you created by your thoughts, words, nervous system and repetitive actions. In other words, our entire life has personally unfolded based on the totality of our behaviour including our interaction with those we know and those we do not know!
We actually create our blocks, limitations and boundaries by talking about them. Our active knowing and direct experience of the world comes out of actual living. They are not there already! Boundaries come out of our distorted perception of a fixed reality and then we are trapped by our own false creation!
Your new reality can only manifest by your personal faith and a deeper understanding of consciousness. (Consciousness is the never-ending unfolding of your awareness of truth on a deeper and deeper spiritual and scientific level).
It is also accelerated by people of like-mind joining together to create
conversation, dialogue and momentum needed to dissolve old habits and negative thinking. We see the world we personally describe with enormous subjective power and manifesting potential because our truth is already pre-manifest in the "whole" of the universe. It is essential that we keep the dialogue flowing by remaining open to a greater penetration of truth and light into our being. A deeper meaning will flow through your group. The penetration of light affects change at the subatomic level. If we focus or try too hard or if we force our will by attempting to control others or consciousness, the entire process will collapse. Your group will be tested for its authenticity. If your group is in truth its consciousness will expand without limitation. If you choose to be the leader of the group then your commitment must be even greater!
Holographic Model Of Reality
Scientists have formulated a seven premise model about the nature of reality as a holograph:
The first premise is that consciousness is the basic reality. Objects perceived by our senses are the secondary reality because the brain picks up the energy field of whatever we bring our attention to and translates it into an object:
1. First Reality: energy beams of light = waves and particles that are invisible.
2. Secondary Reality: The object is projected by the basic reality, that we can see, feel and sense.
The second premise is that everything is connected to everything else.

An event in one location immediately, without time delay affects everything else. It is impossible to take people, events, things or ourselves separately. In other words, nothing exists separately. The third premise, each piece contains the whole, means each part of us contains the whole pattern of us. Each cell contains the whole genetic make up and the energy field of each cell in the body contains our whole pattern of health. All that there is, is within each of us. By exploring our inner landscape we explore the entire universe.
The present moment is connected to all past and future moments, is the fourth premise. Each moment is whole, complete and co-exists with all other moments. Each of us in this now, has access to all other moments.
The fifth premise is that the entire universe is either a wave of energy or an individual particle of energy. The particles are individual and unique events and so are each of us. What happens to each of us and what we experience is unique. Our bodies are made up of light which allows us to change easily!
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts is premise number six. As we grow we connect our "parts" or "selves" together and obtain a clear picture of our whole or complete self. Any group synergy creates a more potent energy of love and creativity than any individual effort. All individuals can then tap into the group's powerful synergy. Thus the group can access universal knowledge and power, etc.
The seventh and final premise is that consciousness creates reality and its own experience of reality. This means that we experience reality according to our expectations and beliefs. We not only create our own reality, we create our own experience of reality including our experience of physical and emotional health or illness. By taking responsibility for a situation we are no longer to blame. It puts us in ฿the powerful position to re-create another more desirable reality.
The Bigger Picture

As human evolution continues to expand, Newton's description of a three dimensional universe was replaced by Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Bohm's theory of how our personal description of our world creates reality and experience. Pribrams Holographic universe truly proves scientifically that the underlying nature of reality is that we are paradoxically a finite expression of the universe and simultaneously possess the eternal and complete fullness of the universe within each of us. Knowing this is inspiring! It gives us courage, hope and returns us to the awestruck mystery of life. Now that you understand that you personally can vastly change the universe within your own lifespan you now require a model as to how you could accomplish this!
Barbara Brennan, a NASA scientist and a pioneer in the exploration of energy and consciousness proposed a model of four dimensions of humanity. I suggest her model as a starting point. I will then build onto this model the invocation of spirit into the heart and a synergetic approach to address the much needed personal and universal transition to a loving world.
Four Dimensions of Humanity Model

The first dimension is the physical world. This dimension is held intact by several foundational dimensions of energy and consciousness.
The second dimension contains the substance of the life energy which includes the aura, psychological makeup, including personality and character structure, and it's the foundation upon which the physical
world rests.

The third dimension is the level of consciousness where we hold our
intentions (positive and negative), the seat of the soul and its destiny or life purpose.

The deepest dimension of humanity is the core or centre of our being
which is our source of creativity, healing and connection to the divine.
When energies flow directly from the core through to our physical bodies we create health and joy in our lives. When the core energies are blocked we create pain in our lives on many levels.

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Heartcore Model

Since love is the most powerful intelligence and strongest influence in the history of humanity no scientific model can ignore the spirit of a human being – especially when working with a group's intention. Our ancient and modern history has experienced many men and women that possess an intangible quality we call heart, courage, fearlessness, passion, bravery, boldness, devotion, guts, aliveness, resourcefulness, resilience, tenaciousness, warmth, trust, faith and love. These words conjure emotional energy with such a focussed intention that nothing can stop that person from their heart's desire. They are in contact with their own spirit and this inspires them to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. They are in touch with God, the centre or focal point of the universe and they know their anointed destiny. Their fervour permeates every aspect of their lives and they will never give up!

Almost everyone we meet (including ourselves if we are completely
honest) wishes to live every moment of their lives with their "hearts on
fire" with a burning desire to love others deeply and to inspire them to
reach their full potential.

The problem is that even in the western culture with its sophistication and higher education most people do not understand how the universe works and feel insignificant and lost. Their disappointments and difficulties are seen as more evidence that they are unworthy, unlovable, untalented or unlucky. Many people truly believe that nothing works out for them.

They feel stuck, alone and either doubt God's existence or feel unworthy
of divine assistance.

From a bigger perspective, their obstacles are stepping stones when, from a place of strength they embrace the truth of the universe and
opportunities that life has given them. They are mere tests of their
authentic heart and their burning desire to live in truth and to allow their soul's destiny to unfold.

Accordingly, as I've taken you through a brief overview of modern
sciences view of the universe and consciousness, I left out the most
important element – that you are one and the same with the great women and men throughout history. You can and will change the world when you choose to accept and claim the "life energy" that permeates through you is one with all the love, wisdom, humility and truths throughout the ages. When you permit this life energy to flow freely to and from your "Heartcore" on a regular basis you will be in touch with all the
manifestations of love in the universe – you will see the face of God and you will change the entire world!

How to Live From the Heartcore

Each of us human beings have blocks to the unimpeded flow of life
energy to and from the Heartcore. These blocks manifest themselves
in a multitude of ways such as low energy, illnesses, lack of faith or
motivation, money issues, security issues, psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, self loathing, giving up and a complexity of relationship issues regarding expressing or attracting aggression, anger and criticism. In addition, sexual problems regarding desire and performance, withholding affection, love and intimacy and the
widespread problems of addictions and obsessive thinking.

To view this image larger simply click on it:

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Even though there is a mechanism in each soul that seeks wholeness, it takes many lifetimes of struggle unless one intentionally moves toward higher consciousness. Directing ones energy towards expansion is a very slow process unless all four dimensions are addressed simultaneously. Living from the Heartcore is the optimum life experience because the senses, physical body, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, conscious and unconscious mind, intention and the energy system all affect the Heartcore and are also all affected by Heartcore.

Therefore, we eventually experience truth in all areas of life which is
the ultimate freedom.

Body As Doorway

The psychodynamic process of transformation begins with the body
and its connection or grounding to the physical world. The therapist
accesses ones body structure and traces the individuals issues to their childhood patterns. The bioelectric energy can be mobilized
throughout the entire physical body and into the next dimension – the
field of life energy. Strong feelings of euphoria are created by
specific exercises, movement, sound and breath. This mobilization is
accelerated in groups because of our connectedness and because of
the mutuality of intention and support.

Accordingly, the personalities distortions, inner and outer conflicts
experienced on a daily basis are brought to the surface because the
emotional energy and feelings challenge the armouring, muscular
and psychological blocks which hold down childhood traumas, pain
and disappointments.

All of the above negativities are caused by conflicts within the personality and imbalances to the life energy. You might consider addressing your issues wholistically with some professional facilitation. The following chart depicts a multidimensional approach that anyone can implement with proper guidance:

These psychological issues are immediately processed during private therapy or within the group. As the physical blocks and defenseswithin the personality are dissolved, layer by layer through charging and discharging the bioelectric energy of the body, the individual becomes healthier and healthier at a very accelerated rate. The penetration of the life energy into the next dimension of intention exposes conflicts within the soul and the deeper meaning of their life.

Finally, breakthroughs are made into the heartcore dimension and the individual's life begins to blossom.

The ongoing support of the group and its facilitator creates an
environment of safety so that new people considering this type of
inner exploration feel welcome and that they have been embraced by a wholesome and solid family.

Robert Kirby is a Sydney-based author, psychotherapist and energetics therapist.

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